Haruka Fukuhara TV ad of Zenhoren, NHK and instagram live

Zenhoren is a service to guarantee house-rent on behalf of the tenants. Shiro Kishibe plays a role of a person who works in a real estate and he refuses Haruka Fukuhara’s requests to rent house which she wants to live in. and at the end of this TV ad, she shows this service and he accepts her request.

The making

Haruka Fukuhara

Haruka Fukuhara was born in 2005 in Saitama Pre. Her major job is doing Actress, singer, fashion model, talent. she used to be a kids actress. She belongs to Ken-on. She is also in the TV ad of NHK

Instagram live

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Natsumi Ikema in TV ad of McDonald’s Japan Waffle cone

Natsumi Ikema says “Do you think you want to eat genuine softcream with reasonable price?” “Hey, McDonald!, How do you think?” “Can you sell this with about 150 yen?” and The narration starts to say “Yes We will sell it! McDonald will do the best!”

Natsumi Ikema

Natsumi Ikema was born in 2002/7/10 in Okinawa. She belongs to Rising Production. She is also in the TV ad of Shiseido and Ymobile. She is becoming famous now. Her mother get her into a production to make her conquer her shyness when she was 5. She had been working as Dance vocal unit “Lolipop” until 2018/3/18. She loves watching Japanese comedians and listening to music. her favorite actress is Yui Aragaki. She is poor at doing sports needs balls. she became famous for having beautiful face to the extent that Shisa would look back.

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Sara Minami, TV cm of Pocky she played a role of a daughter of Rie Miyazawa

Rie Miyazawa says at the beginning “My daughter told a gentle lie to me”. she asked her daughter when she comes back home “how was the school” and Sara Minami says “So so….” Rie Miyazawa whispers in her mind “You really didn’t like to change your school.. did you..” Rie Miyazawa shouts at the sea shore “aa!!” Rie Miyazawa talked to her and says “I will listen to you with the extent of 5 pockies” and the narration says “Share your happiness! Pocky” and her dad comes back “I am home” and two is laughing.

Sara Minami

She was born in 2002/6/11 in Kanagawa Pre. she belongs to Repro Entertainment and started her career on 2014. She is famous for a exclusive model of Nicola. recently she is in files and becoming more famous.

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心変わりの相手は 生ハムに巻きたい #ニコラ #買ってね #さむいね

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Kanon Morita, TV ad of Sakai Moving Service Co., Ltd. I will ship you Grapes.

A boy is running to his girlfriend?(who he loves) at a harbor. and Kanon Morita says “Will you miss me after I move?” and the boy says “not really, it is not far away.” Kanon Morita says “Really… I will ship you maybe grapes…” and the boy says “You dont need to ship me, I will go and take them” and the boy comes to her at the station and they eat grapes together. the narration says “No.1 company in moving service company in Japan for 4 years”

Kanon Morita

Kanon Morita was born in 2002/6/26 in Osaka. She is good at apparatus gymnastics and dance. she belongs to Sun music Osaka. She loves collecting stuffed toys and reading books. She is also in the TV ad of Fujio food system. She stands on stages for musicals.

Sena Nakajima, TV ad for “EIkanyo” for High school Baseball match 2018

Her singing is not really…. SportsBull (SPBL) is the smartphone application for watching all the matches of summer high school baseball tournament 2018. This is 100th anniversary.

Sena Nakajima

Sena Nakajima was born in 2006/2/17 in Tokyo. She is only 12 now. She belongs to Etlennu. She is fashion model. and debuted on 2017. she is quite new. She is a actress in “THE BASTARD AND THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD” released on 2018/4/6. She is also in the TV ad of “chugai-pharm”, Shiseido.

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#中島セナ ちゃん

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Miu Suzuki, TV commercial ad of TVer, nice cutre figure

TVer is the Smartphone application to watch archived TV programs. Miu Suzuki is introducing it nicely and cute way. Miu Suzuki is on the TV ads so many times when world cups is under holding. TVer broadcasts the highlights of matches of World cups.

Miu Suzuki

Miu Suzuki was born in 2000/4/14 in Kanagawa Pre. Her job is doing a talent and fashion model. she belongs to Amuse. She is exclusive contacted fashion model of Nicola until 2017. She looks good when she wears soccer uniform.

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プロフィール画像の✌︎ #路地裏 #路地裏てぃーん。

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Ayano Kubota in TV cm of Monster Strike SAO. cute high school student

“Let’s do Monsto(Monster Strike) ” “What? Inoue?” and Yusuke Inoue is in. he makes posing and says “your tweets make our story change”

Ayano Kubota

Ayano Kubota was born in 1998/11/21 in Hiroshima Pre. her hobby is listening to music and cooking. she belongs to Platinum production.

Ayano Kubota is also in this ad

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Konatsu Kato, video of Japanese Red Cross Society. amazing video like a film

at the beginning, “it is a miracle happened in a street” in the scene, it is normal daily scene everybody usually sees. and suddenly, a woman falls down and… a lot of “usual people” swiftly gathers and rescues the woman quickly and perfectly. finally the script says “you have what you can do”, a boy opens up smartphone and it says “Volunteers for Japanese Red Cross Society” and he presses “enter”

Konatsu Kato

Konatsu Kato was born in 1999/6/26 in Tokyo. she belongs to Sun music production. she looks like Nana Komatsu a bit. She was in Skatto Japan in 2018 and become popular. Her hobby is taking pics, Dance. She admires Haruka Ayase and Miki Nakatani who are famous actresses in Japan.

Mizuki Yoshida, cute New face of actress in TV CM of Kanpo Life

There are so many actresses who are in this TV ad became famous. now she is the one who is becoming famous.
The title of this TV ad is “Flight of dream”. Kampo life is life insurance company which support people to make their dreams come true. in this little video, Mizuki Yoshida is chasing a dream to be a pilot of a plane. she eventually make her dream come true. In the last scene, she says “Your life has uncountable dreams”

Mizuki Yoshida

Mizuki Yoshida is quite young now and becoming famous and hot. She belongs to Stardust Promotion. She is in the Television commercial of Resesh of Kao with Sota Fukushi. she was born in 2003/3/10 in Tokyo.
Her hobby is reading books, Traveling and ballet(8 years of Experience).

Yoko Umezu, Hana Hiduki in TV cm of makiron patch ace

Cute middle ages woman, Hana Hiduki finds that she was bitten by a mosquito and opens a box and takes out Patch to heal her skin. A girl who is peeping says “If you are bitten, you will use patches, surprised!” “If grow-ups scratches their skins, that leaves scars”
The narration starts to say “it eases the itchiness and makes less traces and scars”

Hana Hiduki(Yoko Umezu)

She was born in 1980/9/2 in Tokyo. she used to belong to Takarazuka. her nickname is “Ume” or “Yoko”. She is in Cheer-Dan. She is also in the TV CM of Housefoods, novartis, and Nikkei.

綺麗すぎやわ #陽月華

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