Risa Kakinoki, Nissan Serena TV CM strong beautiful mother in her role

The TV ad starts with the narration of her son. “Recently, my mother is too free…” “she suddenly takes us and driving so fast so far away.” “This is a new shape of electric car, driving far without charging battery also auto driving function is installed.” “Let’s go out with the most enjoyable trip in your family life”.

Risa Kakinoki

Risa Kakinoki was born in 1985/4/22 in Tokyo. she is a fashion model, her mother is from Algeria. she belongs to Bon image. Her younger sister Amina Kakinoki is also a fashion model. She won the grand prix of the collection of school uniform of Japan in 2000 from a magazine of Young Jump. her hobby is listening music. she speaks English and French. Her favorite sports is to do boxing. She is also in TV cm of “McDonald’s” and “Panazonic Viera”

今日の衣装はNINE♥︎ #旅サラダ #NINE

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