Yukari Kashima fashion model & actress, ANA summer trip discount TV cm. role of cute and beautiful mother.

A husband recommend “Can we do this in this summer in Okinawa?” Yukari Kashima says “Skelton Kayak? It sounds really great!” “I am sure that my son Ma-kun will also be glad!” “Let’s book the ticket now!” “? NOW?” “the sooner we book, the cheaper we get!”, “Yes! I have booked it!” “I also want to do Beach Yoga!”
The narration start saying “The time that your trip begins is the time you take the ticket!”

Yukari Kashima

Yukari Kashima was born in 1986/10/5 in Tokyo. She is a fashion model and actress who belongs to Neutral management. Her speciality is a advisor of Sauna and Spa health, Yoga, Pilates. She is in magazines of Spring, Sweet, mini, Anan, Zexy and Savvy. She is TV cm of Sony, Taiho, NGK, Lalaport, Tokyo Gas, Yamato, Marui, P&G, SonyEricsson, Matsuda, Nomura Real Estate, Kao, Ise shurine, Kobayashi, Rohto.