Kumi Takiuchi with Tatsuya Fujiwara, Mosquito coil TV cm of Kincho

Tatasuya Fujiwara suddenly start talking “Do you know why mosquito coils of Kincho is expensive?” and the actress KumiTakeuchi says “why? suddenly?” “No.1 it is because Materials are chosen strictly and made in Japan, No.2 It is because main head office is quite Excellent.” “Let’s ask the correct answer to mosquitos!” and then mosquitos fall down and dies. and Kumi Takiuchi says “oh It seems work well.” and Tatsuya Fujiwara says “Yes it is working!” and “You will know for sure if you use it!”

Kumi Takiuchi

She was selected as the main cast of the film “Her life is not wrong(kanojono jinseiha machigaijanai)” with Kengo Kora.she was born in 1989/10/21 in Toyama Pre. she was debuted on 2012 from Stardust Promotion. She did so many Supporting role but some of them are quite famous like “We can hear Blue hearts”.