Rikako Yagi in the TV ad of pocarisweat, dancing with 150 high school students

The theme is “Pull out one’s potential power!”
The lyric is saying “We plunge into things we really want to do! with we can do or we cannot do? leave them to be Insane and messy” “We want to play it because we want to know it” “Let’s break with you and I to the next and new world”

Rikako Yagi

Rikako Yagi was born in 2001/7/7 in Shiga. She belongs to Asiacross. she is a fashion model in Japan. she was chosen as grand-prix of THE NEXT ASIACROSS MODEL AUDITION 2015 in 7851 applicants, at the same time, she won Vivi prize and Panasonic Prize. in 2016, she was chosen to be a brand charactor of Pocari Sweat which is told to be the gate for New face to be famous. she was also chosen to be miss seventeen in 2016.

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