Natsumi Ikema in TV ad of McDonald’s Japan Waffle cone

Natsumi Ikema says “Do you think you want to eat genuine softcream with reasonable price?” “Hey, McDonald!, How do you think?” “Can you sell this with about 150 yen?” and The narration starts to say “Yes We will sell it! McDonald will do the best!”

Natsumi Ikema

Natsumi Ikema was born in 2002/7/10 in Okinawa. She belongs to Rising Production. She is also in the TV ad of Shiseido and Ymobile. She is becoming famous now. Her mother get her into a production to make her conquer her shyness when she was 5. She had been working as Dance vocal unit “Lolipop” until 2018/3/18. She loves watching Japanese comedians and listening to music. her favorite actress is Yui Aragaki. She is poor at doing sports needs balls. she became famous for having beautiful face to the extent that Shisa would look back.

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