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Ryoma Takeuchi who is looking at a woman as a medical Cosmetics “Beuness”. Beauness was developed to keep heathy and beautiful skins for women. It includes Organic extract and Spring Mineral.
The main point is that the actor Ryoma Takeuchi is looking at a woman to show the cosmetics is caring much the woman’s skin and always beside her.
Ryoma Takeuchi is becoming famous and popular in Japan.

Ryoma Takeuchi

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He used to be a Soccer Player when he was in University. his position was DF. He started playing soccer when he was 5 and joined TOKYO VERDY youth. in university, There were so many good players and he decided “I cannot be a professional soccer player”.
He started his career as fashion model of “Mina”. I won audition which had 2457 applicants. He played a role of Kamen Rider. He has a lovely dog called Flare, it is female and nick name is Rea.

Yuui Aoya

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Yuui Aoya was doing a fashion model in the magazine of melon. after it was suspended, she became a fashion model for “lovely” from 2006. she was born on 1991/11/16 in Saitama Pre. Her speciality is Futsal and singing.
We expect that she will be on TV more and hopefully listen to her singing.