Kokoro Asami beautiful model in TV ad of Mitsubishijisho, Mitsuki Takahata, Yoichi Nukumizu are also in.

Mitsuki Takahata starts working in Marunouchi which is a center of Tokyo. The scene go back to the time when she is about to go to Tokyo and her friends say “How is the Marunochi like, your senior would try to be himself as good looking!” and Yoichi Nukumizu cut in. “You will be forced to work hard!” Mitsuki Takahata cut in and says “Let’s go to your welcome party!” and Mitsuki says “only 3 people?” Mitsuki Takahata says “recent young people dont really drink!” Yochi Nukumizu cut in “I was not invited though!” “yeah I did not invite you!” Mitsuki says “I smell different in this city and against people here”.

Kokoro Asami

Kokoro Asami was born in 1985/9/30 in Kyoto belongs to Sticker. She played a role of “Sana” in the film of “we cannot change our world” in 2011. and she had played a many roles and she was in “PARANOIAC” in 2015. she was in the drama of “Muscle girl!” and in 2016 She was in “Ushijimakun season3”. She was on a stage of “ambiguous space”.