Mayu Hotta, cute actress on fabreeze TV CM with Issei Takahashi

Issei Takahashi is playing a role of normal Japanese office worker. He jumped into a train and mind his smell of his sweat and cute girl, Mayu Hotta looked at him and smile. he used Fabreeze to try to erase the smell. a Station attendant got closer him and check the smell? next, the lunch time, he grilled meats. the smoke went to his eyes and looked back and he found her again. and she smiled again. The smell of smoke in smoking room, then he used Fabreeze to ease the smell. and she smiled again. and Fabreeze again. finally, it was raining the working time is finished, and the girl was standing at the entrance. and the girl sunddely said “I have been always caring about you(I gueess I like you)” and He got surprised. and red expensive nice car stopped near them and the man said “Why don’t you get in my car” and Issei Takahashi said “no” but she seems she liked it…. and said “It is cool!!”
the TV ads wants to address the concept “Smell attracts women but it is not always…”

Mayu Hotta

She is an actress who is also the cast of “ChearDan”. she was also in “Solomon’s Perjury”. She belongs to “amuse” as her office. She was born on 1998/4/2 in Shiga Pre. She is really good at Ballet as she is doing more than 10 years. she was the finalist of “audition fes 2014. Her fan should know that she is in “Warotenka” NHK drama, she played a role of “Rin” who is a sister of main cast “Ten”


堀田真由さん(@mayuhotta)がシェアした投稿 –

Katsuki Mori, Konnyakubatake, missing station and Sabotage work.

She apologized to her boss saying “I took the train going to opposite direction I was kind absent-minded”. and her boss said “where are you? what time are you coming back” and she said “what time? I dont Know” and said “Refresh yourself. Good luck will be to you” and walk on seashore. There are kind of criticism for this TV ad. How do you think?

Katsuki Mori

She was born on 1988/12/27 in Osaka. She is a fashion model in Stardust Promotion.She debuted with TV cm of Japan Post. Currently, she is an exclusive model of BAILA of Shueisha. Her hobby is Japanese stage dance, Mountain Climb, hiking, Bouldering, traveling, Yoga, Marathon. she started Classical ballet on 6 years old and quite on 18. she can do Dressing Japanese kimono, swiming, ski, cooking.
she speaks Osaka Dialent.

Emiri Miyasaka Representative from Miss universe Japan, Yokuinin Tablet TV CM actress Kracie

This TV CM is to advertise a medicine to cure wart and rough skin especially for women.
It is a good example to use a beautiful woman to show the effect and make women imagine that they have clean and healthy skin.
Emiri Miyasaka is a charming lady. she is just looking at the viewers and saying “do not give up having beautiful skin”.

ヨクイニンタブレット 新CM✨ . . . . . . #kracie

Emiri / 絵美里さん(@emiri616)がシェアした投稿 –

Emiri Miyasaka

She was born in 1984/6/16 in Tokyo. her main job is a Model. she belongs to “Oscar promotion”. she is famouse for Representative from Miss universe Japan. she was debut in TV drama “Hammer Session!” as cute health teacher. she was married with a man who does self-owned business already. Most of people would say ”I’m charmed by her even if she is almost 40s”

Yuui Aoya, Ryoma Takeuchi, beauness, TV CM, Menard Company

Ryoma Takeuchi who is looking at a woman as a medical Cosmetics “Beuness”. Beauness was developed to keep heathy and beautiful skins for women. It includes Organic extract and Spring Mineral.
The main point is that the actor Ryoma Takeuchi is looking at a woman to show the cosmetics is caring much the woman’s skin and always beside her.
Ryoma Takeuchi is becoming famous and popular in Japan.

Ryoma Takeuchi

anan表紙 やります。 明日発売です。 ぜひぜひ見ていただければ☺️ #anan

竹内涼真さん(@takeuchi_ryoma)がシェアした投稿 –

He used to be a Soccer Player when he was in University. his position was DF. He started playing soccer when he was 5 and joined TOKYO VERDY youth. in university, There were so many good players and he decided “I cannot be a professional soccer player”.
He started his career as fashion model of “Mina”. I won audition which had 2457 applicants. He played a role of Kamen Rider. He has a lovely dog called Flare, it is female and nick name is Rea.

Yuui Aoya

夏になるといつもつけるお気に入り🥦 @iruka__offi デザインのイヤリング💚

青谷優衣 y u i a o y aさん(@yu__i.aoya)がシェアした投稿 –

Yuui Aoya was doing a fashion model in the magazine of melon. after it was suspended, she became a fashion model for “lovely” from 2006. she was born on 1991/11/16 in Saitama Pre. Her speciality is Futsal and singing.
We expect that she will be on TV more and hopefully listen to her singing.

Satsuki Nakagami, Bokoren TV CM

Bokoren is a medicine to ease itch on urinary bladder. this symptom sometime becomes quite serious problem for women.
Satsuki Nakagami is playing a woman who is suffering from this in cute way.

Satsuki Nakagami

今日も坂くんが撮ってくれちゃった☺︎にやり☺︎☺︎☺︎ photo by @ko_ki333

satsuki nakagamiさん(@satsukinakagami)がシェアした投稿 –

She is Japanese Actress and fashion model and belongs to FROM FIRST PRODUCTION. Her hobby is dance and Yoga. she is good at Ballet, Piano, swimming and ski. She was chosen to be a house model of Cawaii! which is popular in Japanese girls. She is not only cure has skill to act in powerful way. we can expect her next step!

Kana Tonogaki, Pokemon Pocket Monsters Lotte Dance TV CM with Cute Pikachu

Dancing with Pikachu would be a dream of children. Here is a TV CM that promote Sweets of Pokemon.
Lotte now released 3 sweats which have Pokemon on them.
There is a little buzz on the actress in this TV CM called Kana Tonogaki.

Kana Tonogaki

She was born in 19851217 on Shizuoka Pre. she work as Model and hobby is playing tennis, jogging, and cooking. She is qualified as food specialist, vegetable beauty advisor and junior athlete food master. She belongs to spacecraft to work as model.
She always on the magazine for 30s women like “VoCE”. She is now becoming famous.

Kanako Miyashita, Match TV ads, school Sexy Nursery

Yellow Carbonate drink, Match. New TV ad is out.
this time, Sexy Nurse in White coat is in the cast.
Check Kanako Miyashita.

Kanako Miyashita

Kanako Miyashita was born on 1995/7/14 in Fukushima Pre. her hobby is reading books and drawing illustration. She became an actress because she did Extra starring “Tumihenoyohaku” and was scouted. She was chosen as 21 casts in 1400 applicants. Currently she is an university student and she is becoming hot now.

Maki Tachibana in SUUMO TV ads as a wife and mother finding a new house for her family.

It is kind a hard to see her face. the story is that a family is finding a house or a apartment to buy. they eventually go to SUUMO which is a website to find real estate. Maki Tachibana is being troubled because she cannot find the right one.

Maki Tachibana

橘載せます。 髪切る前の写真だけど。 #モデル #橘茉希 #いつかの写真 #写真#3ヶ月前 ?

橘茉希さん(@tachibana_maki)がシェアした投稿 –

Her birthday is 1992/1/16 and she is born in Kanagawa Pre. she is good at playing tennis and badminton. her hobby is Snowboarding.
TV CM, she was in Morinaga CM, BISTRO, LIXIL, Santry etc. she was in the drama “quartet”

Elen, Dragon Quest and Kincho collaborated TV ads

Mosquito coil becomes popular in summer in Japan.
The structure of this TV is the similar to the one which the most Mosquito coil company “Kincho” in Japan.
Actually, this CM is for Dragon Quest monsters.
You also would be fascinate with Actress Elen.


Her birthday is 1983/4/22 and she is actor belongs to Tenkaratto. she is from Kyoto. She is good at Chinese Language, Traditional Chinese medicine, Facial Beauty and Flute. there is not much information if she got married or not…

Honami, Mushroom Company Hokuto, hyper energetic TV ad you cannot forget.

you would get stunned when you watch this Japanese TV ads.
the impact is quite punching.

Honami is the the actress who is in there and giving us strong taste in this TV ads.


She just graduated from her high school and is 18 when she was in this TV CM. after that she started studying in University. in TV cm she is playing strong character. but in her normal life, it seems that she is cute and great. she is a talent in J-beans.