Riko Fukumoto Toho Geino in TV ad of Daikyo Group, Main cast of musical Kiki’s Delivery Service

Riko Fukumoto starts singing “you always with me, the path we walk, if you smile, the time becomes special, everyday like this, we keep it warm. Let’s keep our hands together, We will be together forever with you”

Riko Fukumoto

Riko Fukumoto is born in 2000/11/25 in Osaka. She belongs to Toho Geino. in 2016 she won the grand-prix of Toho cinderella contest. she was debuted on Rainbow Gene in Jan of 2018 and she debuted a a singer on TV anime Hisonetomasotan. She played a main role of the cast of musical Kiki’s Delivery Service.

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