Reina Yoshida, Keanocure, beautiful legs TV CM

The TV ads started on “If you repeatedly shaving your hair, it leaves unwanted marks!! use Keanocure! Keanocure stops darkening your pores with easing inflammation of your skin” and the model Reina Yoshida said “nice!”
She has beautiful long and white legs

Reina Yoshida

She was born in Kanagawa pre on 1992/2/17. She is a fashion model and actress. She was on “PON” to become popular. Her hobby is to do Modern Ballet and walking. she is doing Modern Ballet for 19 years and classical ballet for 5 years. The famous TV ads she is in is “KaroyakanaOnaka BifiX1000”. She acquired second grand prix of Oubirin University in 2012.

She has cure voice!

She is in music video, her fan would love this and would watch this so many times!