Katsuki Mori, Konnyakubatake, missing station and Sabotage work.

She apologized to her boss saying “I took the train going to opposite direction I was kind absent-minded”. and her boss said “where are you? what time are you coming back” and she said “what time? I dont Know” and said “Refresh yourself. Good luck will be to you” and walk on seashore. There are kind of criticism for this TV ad. How do you think?

Katsuki Mori

She was born on 1988/12/27 in Osaka. She is a fashion model in Stardust Promotion.She debuted with TV cm of Japan Post. Currently, she is an exclusive model of BAILA of Shueisha. Her hobby is Japanese stage dance, Mountain Climb, hiking, Bouldering, traveling, Yoga, Marathon. she started Classical ballet on 6 years old and quite on 18. she can do Dressing Japanese kimono, swiming, ski, cooking.
she speaks Osaka Dialent.