Reina Ikehata, fashion model, talent, actress and singer in TV ad of ALFACE+ vital mask

Reina Ikehata switched on the light and looking at (maybe mirror) and takes off her shirt. and she signs and looks regretting something. the narration says “Take off yourself of today”. Reina Ikehata with cosmetic mask on her face and she takes of the mask. and the narration says “5 minutes to go back to myself” and “Your today’s natural face makes your smile tomorrow”.

Reina Ikehata

She was born in 1987/11/5 in Hokkaido. she was debuted in 2010. she belongs to Beachwalkers Management Group. she can speak chinese. Her hobbies are Piano, Ballet, tea ceremony, Yoga, Walking, Cooking.

熱得不得了🐽 暑すぎるぜぃ🐷 #owndays #smile #happy

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Legend Agape😘❤️ #smile #happy #legendagape #codysanderson

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