Ryo Kato and Nana Suzuki in the TV ad of Kirin Hyoketsu, tap dance and sharp dance. “Make a new yourself in 2018”

“What are we going to do, Ryo?” “what are we Nana-chan?” “anyway Let’s drink!” Then Ryo Kato and Nana Suzuki showed tap dance.

Ryo Kato

Ryo Kato was born in 1990/2/13 in Shizuoka, does an actor. He graduated from Tama Art Univ. which is famous art Uni in Japan. He belongs to Cute as his production. He was debuted when he was 10 in “Appare Great Teacher Sanma”. He really likes Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. He is good at Hiphop dance and Horror movies.

Nana Suzuki

Nana Suzuki was born in 198/7/9 in Ibaraki Pre. she is a fashion model for Popteen. He was debuted as Tsubasa Masuwaka recommended her to debut. Nana Suzuki was scouted by her.