Ayumi Mizukoshi, idol unit,F.A.R.M, in TV cm “Haseko” profile, video

A woman Ayumi Mizukoshi says “I cannot find good job”, then music starts “tatatarattata” then a woman next to her says” Haseko?” and said “why?” and People start singing “We know something except Apartment”(Haseko is a company who support management of apartments), We know Dispatch duties, general jobs to technical jobs, if you are trying to find Dispatch duties, Haseko~~”, “we know how to find jobs, we will introduce jobs you hope~”

Ayumi Mizukoshi

Ayumi Mizukoshi was born in 1995/9/4 in Chiba Pre she belongs to Starduct promotion. she was debuted on Test no Hanamichi, she appears on the musical stage of “rakisuta on sute”, she entered to Toritsu University in 2013. her hobby is swimming and softball