Kanon Morita, TV ad of Sakai Moving Service Co., Ltd. I will ship you Grapes.

A boy is running to his girlfriend?(who he loves) at a harbor. and Kanon Morita says “Will you miss me after I move?” and the boy says “not really, it is not far away.” Kanon Morita says “Really… I will ship you maybe grapes…” and the boy says “You dont need to ship me, I will go and take them” and the boy comes to her at the station and they eat grapes together. the narration says “No.1 company in moving service company in Japan for 4 years”

Kanon Morita

Kanon Morita was born in 2002/6/26 in Osaka. She is good at apparatus gymnastics and dance. she belongs to Sun music Osaka. She loves collecting stuffed toys and reading books. She is also in the TV ad of Fujio food system. She stands on stages for musicals.