Yu Mashima, Captain Tsubasa, Application TV CM Lifting and shoot!

There boys dropped his soccer ball and a girl Yu Mashima starts Lifting and very very well and kick it to them and the ball hit a Telephone pole and Snapped into it. and the girl Yu Mashima says, “Ball is our friend is not scary!”.

The lifting she is doing in the video is the one she is actually doing it!

Yu Mashima

Yu Mashima was born in 1997/8/30 in Gunma Pre. Her job is actress, talent, athlete. she has been doing actress since she was child. she belongs to Sony music artists.
She is in video ad of Little Glee Monsters “gyutto”. linking love, inuyashiki and majimurigakuen.
She is one of the JFFA free style football ambassador. one of her dream is to make free style football to be an official sports in Olympic.