Maki Tachibana in SUUMO TV ads as a wife and mother finding a new house for her family.

It is kind a hard to see her face. the story is that a family is finding a house or a apartment to buy. they eventually go to SUUMO which is a website to find real estate. Maki Tachibana is being troubled because she cannot find the right one.

Maki Tachibana

橘載せます。 髪切る前の写真だけど。 #モデル #橘茉希 #いつかの写真 #写真#3ヶ月前 ?

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Her birthday is 1992/1/16 and she is born in Kanagawa Pre. she is good at playing tennis and badminton. her hobby is Snowboarding.
TV CM, she was in Morinaga CM, BISTRO, LIXIL, Santry etc. she was in the drama “quartet”