Seiko Iwaido, old name Mai Takahashi with Hiroshi Abe in special video of Lemondo Open”

This special film was created for promoting “Lemondo” which is A lemon sour released from Coca-Cola. The Sour was created with the new technique of squeeze a whole lemon and soak it to alcohol.
Hiroshi Abe start saying “Do you like Lemon sour?” and she Seiko Iwaido says “yeah, recently..” “oh that is good” “and what is that” “I am Grating Lemon very carefully , Entirely” “Entirely??” “and I will soak it with alcohol” “Slowly and carefully”, “Slowly and carefully”, “Slowly and carefully” “stop, I can hear what you are saying” Seiko Iwaido says. “This is the most delicious, believe me”.Seiko Iwaido says” delicious!”

Seiko Iwaido

Her old name is Mai Takahashi. she was born in 1984/2/23 in Fukuoka Pre. belongs to Monopolize. she was debuted on 2004. Blood type is A. she was chosen in the audition of “skyhigh2” and debuted from office “amuse”. she did heroin of “The Great Yokai War”