Mizuki Yoshida, cute New face of actress in TV CM of Kanpo Life

There are so many actresses who are in this TV ad became famous. now she is the one who is becoming famous.
The title of this TV ad is “Flight of dream”. Kampo life is life insurance company which support people to make their dreams come true. in this little video, Mizuki Yoshida is chasing a dream to be a pilot of a plane. she eventually make her dream come true. In the last scene, she says “Your life has uncountable dreams”

Mizuki Yoshida

Mizuki Yoshida is quite young now and becoming famous and hot. She belongs to Stardust Promotion. She is in the Television commercial of Resesh of Kao with Sota Fukushi. she was born in 2003/3/10 in Tokyo.
Her hobby is reading books, Traveling and ballet(8 years of Experience).