Yoko Umezu, Hana Hiduki in TV cm of makiron patch ace

Cute middle ages woman, Hana Hiduki finds that she was bitten by a mosquito and opens a box and takes out Patch to heal her skin. A girl who is peeping says “If you are bitten, you will use patches, surprised!” “If grow-ups scratches their skins, that leaves scars”
The narration starts to say “it eases the itchiness and makes less traces and scars”

Hana Hiduki(Yoko Umezu)

She was born in 1980/9/2 in Tokyo. she used to belong to Takarazuka. her nickname is “Ume” or “Yoko”. She is in Cheer-Dan. She is also in the TV CM of Housefoods, novartis, and Nikkei.

綺麗すぎやわ #陽月華

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