Konatsu Kato, video of Japanese Red Cross Society. amazing video like a film

at the beginning, “it is a miracle happened in a street” in the scene, it is normal daily scene everybody usually sees. and suddenly, a woman falls down and… a lot of “usual people” swiftly gathers and rescues the woman quickly and perfectly. finally the script says “you have what you can do”, a boy opens up smartphone and it says “Volunteers for Japanese Red Cross Society” and he presses “enter”

Konatsu Kato

Konatsu Kato was born in 1999/6/26 in Tokyo. she belongs to Sun music production. she looks like Nana Komatsu a bit. She was in Skatto Japan in 2018 and become popular. Her hobby is taking pics, Dance. She admires Haruka Ayase and Miki Nakatani who are famous actresses in Japan.