Misaki Jinbu, Judo Black belt, Kyokushin Karate with Nanao in mediqtto cute video, TV ad and BWH measurements

A beautiful girl Misaki Jinbu admires her senior Nanao with beautiful legs. she says “My senior is quite impressive, I cannot wear that pants….” “Mediqtto squeeze your legs and keep beautiful legs” “In this summer, you need care your legs!” the TV ad says.

Misaki Jinbu

Misaki Jinbu has Judo Black Belt and does Kyokushin Karate. on the other hand, she is good at playing piano as she has been doing it for 11 years. She pursue make-up and beauty. she was born in 1994/8/20 in Osaka. Her BWH measurements is 83-59-83. She belongs to platinum production.