Minami Hamabe, TV cm of NTT docomo, an, JA kyosai, LINE music

NTT docomo


JA kyosai

LINE music

Minami Hamabe

Minami Hamabe was born in 2000/8/29 in Ishikawa. She belongs to Cinderella room. She was focused because she played a role of “Mieko Honma” in the TV special drama of “We still do not know the name of the flower we saw at that day”. in 2017, She was in a film of “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas”. She did a main cast of Sara Yamuchi. She was also in so many TV cm like House, JR, Nesk, BlazeGames, Mitsui real estate commercial Management, Nisshin, Menicon, Ajinomoto Cookdo, Lotte etc.

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🌻 . カレンダーブック 明日発売です! #浜辺美波

minami hamabe 浜辺美波さん(@minamihamabe_fan)がシェアした投稿 –

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minami hamabe 浜辺美波さん(@minamihamabe_fan)がシェアした投稿 –

Aisa Takeuchi, TV ad for Daito Bank, BVLGARI promotion

Daito Bank


Aisa Takeuchi

Aisa Takeuchi was born in 2001/10/31 in Fukushima. she belongs to Sweet Power. She was debuted in 2018 and she is in a drama of “Promise for tomorrow” already. She was scouted by a staff of Sweat Power with the rumor “there is cute junior high school student in Iwaki!! The CEO of Sweet Power negotiated with her family so patiently he spent 10 months to win the contract. She was debute in the TV cm of Y!mobile.

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Shuri Uchida in TV ad of “LINE” Cute videos, Singer promotion video

There are 3 ads in a series.

Line TV cm


Shuri Uchida

Shuri Uchida is a singer and an actress. She is on the front page of a fashion magazine JS girl the most times. She was born in 2001/4/26. She won the grand-prix of “JS girl” when she was 12. She loves Tomato to eat 10 tomatoes in a day.

Hiyori Sakurada, The idol who is breaking through soon, Miss Seventeen 2018

Hiyori Sakurada started her career when she was a kid as an actress in “My mother is missing tomorrow”. Her role was playing “Piami”. She is so practical and sophisticated actress. Her performace is so natural and she also can do role of “Serious”

Ayami Nakajo in TV ad of suntory Black oolong Tea

A character of a Hamburger starts dancing and Ayami Nakajo tries to ignore, but thinking then she starts dancing with him. and Ayami Nakajo says “I fall in love with Fast food” and kisses. The narration says “Black Loves Burger”

Ayami Nakajo

Ayami Nakajo was born in 1997/2/4 in Osaka. She belongs to TENCARAT. She is Half english and half Japanese. She was scouted when she was traveling with her family to Guam when she was 14. She won the grand-prix of Miss Seventeen. She is also TV ad of UNIQLO, GU, Japan Railway, Nintendo, Kao, NTT docomo, Pocari sweat, Häagen-Dazs, Kanebo, Toyota.

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#hungary #budapest

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Nanao in TV ad of au dancing with the sound of iPhone’s default ringtone.

The concept of this TV ad is to tell that au provides iPhone X and 8 with half price. Only the Half of the people including Nanao dances because of this message. They dances with sharp and beautiful performance. at the end Ryuhei Matsuda says “me?too?” as he did not know he needs to dance even though people around him starts dancing.


Nanao was born in 1988/10/28. She is a fashion model and talent and even actress in Japan. She was debuted as Ring girl and race queen when she was 20 in 2009. she won the grand-prix of 7th Tokyo Girl’s collection. in 2010 she was chosen to be Image girl of San-Ai Swimsuit and she became a regular girl of non-no. in 2011 she was debuted as an actress.

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Rikako Yagi in the TV ad of pocarisweat, dancing with 150 high school students

The theme is “Pull out one’s potential power!”
The lyric is saying “We plunge into things we really want to do! with we can do or we cannot do? leave them to be Insane and messy” “We want to play it because we want to know it” “Let’s break with you and I to the next and new world”

Rikako Yagi

Rikako Yagi was born in 2001/7/7 in Shiga. She belongs to Asiacross. she is a fashion model in Japan. she was chosen as grand-prix of THE NEXT ASIACROSS MODEL AUDITION 2015 in 7851 applicants, at the same time, she won Vivi prize and Panasonic Prize. in 2016, she was chosen to be a brand charactor of Pocari Sweat which is told to be the gate for New face to be famous. she was also chosen to be miss seventeen in 2016.

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#EDWIN#SOMETHING#COOL #summer#denim 🍍🌴 #八木莉可子#八木ちゃん

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Brandon Shaw is in the Japanese TV ad for Honda Jet “Go, Vantage Point.” for Honda with “Change” by One OK Rock

Heavy traffic Jam at the beginning. you could notice that all the cars are Honda. Brandon Shaw is doing traffic control with dancing. when he looks back, Honda jet comes in. “What we have needed was a sports car we can fly freely”. “Take yourself more and more so far away.”

Brandon Shaw

Brandon Shaw is from Pasadena in California. She is a dancer, Actor and Choreographer.

Misato Ugaki and Reina Sumi in TV ad commercial of Paravi of Internet TV service

Misato Ugaki and Reina Sumi dances in this video.
“Monday Tuesday Wednesday Para Para Paravi~” “Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Para Para Paravi~” “You can enjoy original TV problem, Drama, Variety show” “You can enjoy everyday Paravi~”

Misato Ugaki

Misato Ugaki was born in 1991/4/16. She is one of the announcer of TBS. She is from Hyogo Pre. She won the grand-prix of Miss campus for Doshisha Uni.

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Reina Sumi

Reina Sumi was born in 1990/5/12. she is one the annoucer of TV tokyo.she is from Gihu. She likes Reciting Chinese poems as she started this when she was 3.

Ryo Kato and Nana Suzuki in the TV ad of Kirin Hyoketsu, tap dance and sharp dance. “Make a new yourself in 2018”

“What are we going to do, Ryo?” “what are we Nana-chan?” “anyway Let’s drink!” Then Ryo Kato and Nana Suzuki showed tap dance.

Ryo Kato

Ryo Kato was born in 1990/2/13 in Shizuoka, does an actor. He graduated from Tama Art Univ. which is famous art Uni in Japan. He belongs to Cute as his production. He was debuted when he was 10 in “Appare Great Teacher Sanma”. He really likes Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. He is good at Hiphop dance and Horror movies.

Nana Suzuki

Nana Suzuki was born in 198/7/9 in Ibaraki Pre. she is a fashion model for Popteen. He was debuted as Tsubasa Masuwaka recommended her to debut. Nana Suzuki was scouted by her.