Emiri Miyasaka Representative from Miss universe Japan, Yokuinin Tablet TV CM actress Kracie

This TV CM is to advertise a medicine to cure wart and rough skin especially for women.
It is a good example to use a beautiful woman to show the effect and make women imagine that they have clean and healthy skin.
Emiri Miyasaka is a charming lady. she is just looking at the viewers and saying “do not give up having beautiful skin”.

ヨクイニンタブレット 新CM✨ . . . . . . #kracie

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Emiri Miyasaka

She was born in 1984/6/16 in Tokyo. her main job is a Model. she belongs to “Oscar promotion”. she is famouse for Representative from Miss universe Japan. she was debut in TV drama “Hammer Session!” as cute health teacher. she was married with a man who does self-owned business already. Most of people would say ”I’m charmed by her even if she is almost 40s”