Misaki Jinbu, Judo Black belt, Kyokushin Karate with Nanao in mediqtto cute video, TV ad and BWH measurements

A beautiful girl Misaki Jinbu admires her senior Nanao with beautiful legs. she says “My senior is quite impressive, I cannot wear that pants….” “Mediqtto squeeze your legs and keep beautiful legs” “In this summer, you need care your legs!” the TV ad says.

Misaki Jinbu

Misaki Jinbu has Judo Black Belt and does Kyokushin Karate. on the other hand, she is good at playing piano as she has been doing it for 11 years. She pursue make-up and beauty. she was born in 1994/8/20 in Osaka. Her BWH measurements is 83-59-83. She belongs to platinum production.

Seiko Iwaido, old name Mai Takahashi with Hiroshi Abe in special video of Lemondo Open”

This special film was created for promoting “Lemondo” which is A lemon sour released from Coca-Cola. The Sour was created with the new technique of squeeze a whole lemon and soak it to alcohol.
Hiroshi Abe start saying “Do you like Lemon sour?” and she Seiko Iwaido says “yeah, recently..” “oh that is good” “and what is that” “I am Grating Lemon very carefully , Entirely” “Entirely??” “and I will soak it with alcohol” “Slowly and carefully”, “Slowly and carefully”, “Slowly and carefully” “stop, I can hear what you are saying” Seiko Iwaido says. “This is the most delicious, believe me”.Seiko Iwaido says” delicious!”

Seiko Iwaido

Her old name is Mai Takahashi. she was born in 1984/2/23 in Fukuoka Pre. belongs to Monopolize. she was debuted on 2004. Blood type is A. she was chosen in the audition of “skyhigh2” and debuted from office “amuse”. she did heroin of “The Great Yokai War”

Kumi Takiuchi with Tatsuya Fujiwara, Mosquito coil TV cm of Kincho

Tatasuya Fujiwara suddenly start talking “Do you know why mosquito coils of Kincho is expensive?” and the actress KumiTakeuchi says “why? suddenly?” “No.1 it is because Materials are chosen strictly and made in Japan, No.2 It is because main head office is quite Excellent.” “Let’s ask the correct answer to mosquitos!” and then mosquitos fall down and dies. and Kumi Takiuchi says “oh It seems work well.” and Tatsuya Fujiwara says “Yes it is working!” and “You will know for sure if you use it!”

Kumi Takiuchi

She was selected as the main cast of the film “Her life is not wrong(kanojono jinseiha machigaijanai)” with Kengo Kora.she was born in 1989/10/21 in Toyama Pre. she was debuted on 2012 from Stardust Promotion. She did so many Supporting role but some of them are quite famous like “We can hear Blue hearts”.

Mio Shirai fashion model, in smartphone application TV cm, “oedokonjakumeguri” 30sec assistant of weekly Giants of Kazuo Tokumitsu

Smartphone Appli “oedokonjakumeguri!” You can view the old map of Edo(old Tokyo) in real scale! it lets you put the map on the current map! you can easily find what was on the place! about 3000 shrines and temples! so many usuful information! you can find the place of famous historic people! Let’s walk on Edo!

Mio Shirai

She belongs to Platinum production and is currently an university student. she is from Tochigi pre and assistant of weekly Giants of Kazuo Tokumitsu. semi grand-prix of miss university. she says “you cannot find the skin which is more white and heathy than mine!”

Yu Mashima, Captain Tsubasa, Application TV CM Lifting and shoot!

There boys dropped his soccer ball and a girl Yu Mashima starts Lifting and very very well and kick it to them and the ball hit a Telephone pole and Snapped into it. and the girl Yu Mashima says, “Ball is our friend is not scary!”.

The lifting she is doing in the video is the one she is actually doing it!

Yu Mashima

Yu Mashima was born in 1997/8/30 in Gunma Pre. Her job is actress, talent, athlete. she has been doing actress since she was child. she belongs to Sony music artists.
She is in video ad of Little Glee Monsters “gyutto”. linking love, inuyashiki and majimurigakuen.
She is one of the JFFA free style football ambassador. one of her dream is to make free style football to be an official sports in Olympic.

Aina Nishiaki profile actress, in TV ad of “Ebara” beautiful mother role

the narration is saying “We grated white radish deliciously. then it became grated Sauce!” and mother “Aina Nishiaki” and father and her child says “I like this much of grated radish!” and the narration says “Guzaikan”(feeling of eating ingredients) . finally, the TV ad introduces another one of onion version.

Aina Nishiaki

Aina Nishiaki was born in 1986/10/10 in Chiba Pre. she is a fashion model. she belongs to spacecraft. in 1996, she was debuted as a young sister of Ryoko Hirosue in the TV ad of NTT docomo pocket bell. she was in Love-con, shaorin-girl, how to make correct prince. also she was in the TV cm of Pablon, Ito-ham etc. She is also in Bayside Shakedown of Japanese movie.

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Ayumi Mizukoshi, idol unit,F.A.R.M, in TV cm “Haseko” profile, video

A woman Ayumi Mizukoshi says “I cannot find good job”, then music starts “tatatarattata” then a woman next to her says” Haseko?” and said “why?” and People start singing “We know something except Apartment”(Haseko is a company who support management of apartments), We know Dispatch duties, general jobs to technical jobs, if you are trying to find Dispatch duties, Haseko~~”, “we know how to find jobs, we will introduce jobs you hope~”

Ayumi Mizukoshi

Ayumi Mizukoshi was born in 1995/9/4 in Chiba Pre she belongs to Starduct promotion. she was debuted on Test no Hanamichi, she appears on the musical stage of “rakisuta on sute”, she entered to Toritsu University in 2013. her hobby is swimming and softball

Reina Yoshida, Keanocure, beautiful legs TV CM

The TV ads started on “If you repeatedly shaving your hair, it leaves unwanted marks!! use Keanocure! Keanocure stops darkening your pores with easing inflammation of your skin” and the model Reina Yoshida said “nice!”
She has beautiful long and white legs

Reina Yoshida

She was born in Kanagawa pre on 1992/2/17. She is a fashion model and actress. She was on “PON” to become popular. Her hobby is to do Modern Ballet and walking. she is doing Modern Ballet for 19 years and classical ballet for 5 years. The famous TV ads she is in is “KaroyakanaOnaka BifiX1000”. She acquired second grand prix of Oubirin University in 2012.

She has cure voice!

She is in music video, her fan would love this and would watch this so many times!

Yuki Arisawa, TV cm eyebon, beauty advisor

“eyebon” is a medicine to wash one’s eyeballs. Yuki Arisawa played a role of beauty advisor to recommend it.
at the beginining, She is saying “I have a strange feeling with wearing contact lenses so long and working, and I start using eyebon. I can wash my eyes really cleanly and I always get surprised with the make-ups went into my eyes , I really feel comfortable after I use it!”.

Yuki Arisawa

She was born on 1991/5/15 in Hokkaido, her blood type is O. She likes playing basketball. she can speak english and korean and loves caring her skin. She is in “SukattoJapan”. Her popular stages are  “onnnachusingura”, “August of Nagaya”, “run real run”

Erika Asai, secretary Kentucky KFC TV ad

A cute secretary Erika Asai is saying “President, Today’s schedule is….” and Ad on track is cutting in saying” Lunch in Kentucky is 500 yen”. she started running and biting fried chicken deliciously.
500 yen lunch has quite huge impact to forget her job.

Erika Asai

She was born on 1988/12/10 in Wakayama Pre. she is good at English, Calligraphy and tennis. Her Major works are Shuukatsukazoku, Chuusinguranokoi, Seiseisuruhodoaishiteru, zannnennaotto etc. Her hobby is cooking, chess, singing. She is also in TV CM of Jūrokucha of Asahi.